Stella and the Tree Swing

Greetings, “Stella and the Tree Swing” is the first short story featuring the Wordstock Manor Clowder. As such, it is currently in an experimental state, with pages being published as they are completed. Once completed, this story will be made available for download in PDF form. Until then, however, it will exist as content on web pages.

More information about this experiment can be found below, or you can begin the story by either clicking the images in the gallery below or going to the web-page version here. Alternatevely, you could download the story as a PDF:StellaAndTheTreeSwing.

The Concept

The principle objective of this site is to increase the exposure children have to the English language. This is done by presenting vocabulary (sometimes difficult vocabulary) in the context of stories and illustrations. The emphasis of this approach rests primarily on broadening the contact a reader/listener has with the target language, not with teaching it per se.

How It Works

Each page of the story contains a key piece of vocabulary. This word will be in bold and in red. The meaning of the keyword can be gleaned from the context of the page’s remaining content. Similar to the keyword itself, clues to the meaning will be displayed in red and italicized text. These clues may either provide a definition for the keyword or present words with similar meanings.

As a reader, you could choose to emphasize the highlighted words to impart additional meaning, or you could even substitute your own words and sentences. Again, the idea behind this project is to increase language exposure.

Thanks for patience.

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